Kaichou wa maid-sama!


Misaki Ayuzawa comes from very poor family. Her father left her family including her sister Suzuna and her mother, years ago. She is very hardworking and excels in everything including academics and Aikido (a form of Japanese defense martial arts). With her will and determination, she becomes the first female president of Seika High School, which was once all boys school, famous for notorious and wild students and has recently become co-ed. She is very strict with guys especially those who break rules. And she hates this guy named Usui Takumi who happens to be the most handsome, intelligent and popular guy of the school because he always rejects the girls who confess to him in the most ridiculous way (as she sees it) and makes them cry. Misaki is too sympathetic towards girls.


Usui discovers Misaki working in Maid Latte, the cafe as maid against school rules. Instead of telling this to anyone, he makes her his secret everyday source of entertainment. Thus starts a captivating story where Usui helps Misaki keep her secret a secret, makes her realize her shortcomings, helps her with Student Council’s work and makes her fall in love with him. Usui, too, has a complicated past. He has ties with the Duke of Britain as illegitimate grandchild. Amidst Misaki’s problems and Usui’s past chasing him, how love blooms between these two and how they keep up with their lives despite so many hurdles is the story of this manga by Fujiwara Hiro. 

Favorite Moments!! ^^


“I’m actually a hardcore otaku who likes maids more than having three meals a day. And I only read books related to maids. Also, I only visit maid cafes. Of course, I also collect maid figurines. I play games which feature female maids and it turns me on so much. Then I’ll wear the maid uniforms and jump in joy. I’ll take my leave now.” -Usui Takumi 

Usui rejecting a girl because he has eyes only for Misa-chan ♥


“Don’t touch her because she’s darn cute” -Usui Takumi ♥


“I have decided not to abandon. No matter what kind of path I choose, if some sort of sacrifice must be made, it is only Ayuzawa who will not sacrifice. Because I think if I am with Ayuzawa, I can overcome anything.” ~Usui Takumi

Funny Scenes!! 😀



Misaki getting goose bumps! nya xD


**who do you think you are? some heroine from a shoujo manga?** 😛Image

**Misaki in her wrath!**


** I thought I already said that guys are forbidden to take on the roles of ghosts**  -Angry Prez >.<“

By Tashana

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